Skin Aesthetics Courses For Beauticians

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Advanced cosmetology courses for beauticians

Hands on live practical, flexible classes

Post training support

Duration: 30hrs to 50 hrs

Session 1

1. Skin Anatomy & Physiology
2. Science of aging
3. Cosmetological conditions 4. Cosmetological treatments
5. Skin examination & analysis
6. Registration form, consent, treatment record

Session 2

Microdermabrasion, crystal, diamond and hydra polishing.
Basic Chemical peeling for tan removal, skin lightening and glowing

Session 3

Advanced Chemical Peeling for aged skin, undereye dark circles, pigmentations, acne scars

Session 4

IPL & Lasers
Lasers hair reduction for abnormal facial hair reduction

Session 5

Lasers for pigmentations
Lasers for skin glow & lightening
Tattoo removal
Permanent make up removal

Session 6

Lasers for Acne treatment, pigmentations, acne scars

Session 7

Hydra facial, Oxy facial, Ultrasonic facial, Photofacial, RF facial, Carbon facial-white doll facial & black doll facial

Session 8

Aged skin rejuvenation

Session 9

BB Glow

Session 10


Session 11

Warts and skin tags removal

Session 12

Post treatment care.
Treatment creams, moisturizers & sunscreens.